Mega Mexicali

    Mixed greens, black beans, roasted corn, grape tomatoes, jicama, avocado, feta cheese, blue corn tortilla chips. DRESSING: LF Agave Paprika.

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    Fill Up on Fresh!

    We're off and running. Join us in celebrating fresh, wholesome meals, and learn more about us by clicking below.

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    Hearts of romaine, chopped cucumber, grape tomatoes, hardboiled egg, avocado chunks, all natural turkey chunks, turkey bacon crumbles. DRESSING: LF Ranch.

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    Mixed greens, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted broccoli, cranberries, shaved parmesan. DRESSING: LF Honey Dijon

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About Us

  • Here's to wholesome meals.

    Hello, there. We're GreenGos, a new quick-service dining option launching here in Austin, TX. We're Austinites ourselves, and we felt there weren't enough healthy options in this beautiful city. So, we started GreenGos. Put simply, we’re about real, wholesome, honest, sustainable, healthy, balanced meals. And perhaps most importantly: FAST.

  • Organic. Sustainable. Local.

    Every ingredient that goes into a meal on our menu is one of these. Before, if you wanted something fast, it was going to be unhealthy. Many of the fast food purveyors have tried to offer ‘garden fresh’ menu items. But the concoctions are usually devoid of any nutrients (by way of ingredient selection), and assembled from low-quality, processed or genetically modified (GMO) ingredients. Or they smell like the burgers and fries they’ve been sitting next to all day.

  • Changing the way people eat.

    Our menu is geared toward people who don’t necessarily have a developed health-food palette. They can grow into a more healthful lifestyle over time. Start here, where it doesn't seem so hard, and your body will begin to crave organic, whole foods and balanced meals. We have a registered dietitian on-hand to weave together ingredients that are flavorful and nutritionally balanced, to help with energy, fat loss, and general well-being.

    Diets are temporary. At GreenGos, we're trying to allow people to live healthfully for a lifetime.

  • Burnet Road

    10025 Burnet Rd | Austin, TX 78758
    PHONE - 512.363.5898


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